You only get one chance at a First Impression

by admin on November 18, 2011

Curb Appeal 101 first impressions do matter

A Realtor’s best friend


Our team of Home Inspectors, Contractors, Mold Specialists, Stagers and Color Consultants will ready your home, making it irresistible to buyers. In this tough market, we give sellers that added edge to make a fantastic first impression…and a lasting one.
We provide: creative thinking and structuring for getting things done.

Our goal: create a “WOW” first impression that doesn’t fade away.

We are insured and experienced…and excited to earn your business.

One-stop shopping for all Pre-Listing Services.

  • Our team’s services: Home inspection, Staging, General Contracting, Mold Remediation,Landscaping, Power Washing, Painting, Repairs, Gutters, Drainage issues
  • Free Inspection and consultation for most services
  • Pre -sale punch lists
  • Remove mold from siding, decks, roofs and more
  • Staging services as needed until final sale
  • Favorable payment terms available…many of our services can be paid at closing

Free estimates for STAGING the inside AND outside of the home. This includes constant attention in order to keep it fresh looking and exciting for potential buyers through the entire selling adventure.

Don’t let “To Do’s” become negotiating points…
…turn them into selling points!

Client Testimonials

Rich has responded quickly when needed when “mold” has been discovered. He is very good with explaining the process to buyers and sellers to make everyone comfortable that the mold issue will be resolved. He can make a crawlspace look “New” again even if the house is 40 years old. I definitely recommend him to my clients ….for his professionalism in getting the job done in a timely manner So we stay on track to make that closing!

Jeanette R Hussey
Fonville Morisey Realty
919-416-2211 Office/VoiceMail



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